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Documentation from inside a psyc unit
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Follow the life of an inpatient girl in a private psyciatric unit

My name is LD. I am 21 years old and currently an inpatient at a private psyc hospital. I will be keeping this journal so others can see what it's like to be where I am. Everyting will be kept private, so in order to view the entrys you must join this journal. It's very simple, just click 'join community' and I'll add you on.
This is a text and photo journal, because lets face it, some things just can not be shown in words, and photos are just more fun.

I suffer from depression (clinical) anxiety and PTSD. Also my doctors are currently looking into a rare form of psychosis they beleive I may have.

So come join in the rollecoaster that is an inpatient stay in a psyc unit.

Rules for joining the community.
By joining this community you are entering a legal agreement that you will not break any of the following rules,
1. You are not to join if you know me in real life, if we have ever met face to face you are unwelcome
2. Any pictures posted in this community will not be saved or redistributed
3. Anything said within this community will not be saved or redistributed
4. Anything said within this community stays within the comunity, you may not discuss anything inside this journal with anybody else
5. All members of the community must be respectful, towards me and other members
6. If you where a member of the community before these rules went up you will agree to read and follow them, if you are unable to follow these rules you will select to leave the community
If any rules are broken you will be banned from the community and legal action will be taken. IP addresses are activated.

Those who are triggered by talk of self harm or eating disorders should stay away for your own good. This journal is not meant to 'inspire' that kind of behaviour.